Branding 15

The Heart And Art To The Luxury Brand Relationship.

People hear the word “luxury” and they think snotty, rude, uptight, but they also think quality, service, and impeccable nature. 

The truth is that a luxury brand can be both. And if the movie Pretty Woman has taught us anything, the brand focused on quality, 

service, and with an impeccable nature is the one that wins. And the other is a “Big, big, huge mistake.” 

What does it mean to have a luxury brand? 

A luxury brand has two main aspects: heart and art. 


The heart of a luxury brand is a heart to be of service in the highest way possible. Their heart is dedicated to the people and the process that make up the brand. 


The art of a luxury brand is like a fine dance. Beautiful, elegant, and a bit risque. A luxury brand doesn't show you all that it is at once. Like a fine dance or classic piece of art you must be in its presence for hours for the mysteries to be revealed and experienced. 

What does this mean for your brand? 

It means to stop playing vanilla and PC. It means to be bold, share your passion in out of the box and distinctive ways. It means to stop selling, presenting, and showing up as everyone else. 

Share your heart. Make your mark.