Marketing 15

The Basics In Influencer Marketing

The term “influencer marketing” is so darn buzzy. 

Everyone else's wants IT so shouldn’t I? But what 

exactly is it. Influencer marketing at its core is about having strong enough relationships with people that what you say matters. That’s it. Human relationships 101. 

Now how we set about to be influencer marketers in today’s society is something else. 

Here are the basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to influencer marketing. 

Do be real. Don’t put on a happy face because that is who you think you should be. Be real and show who you truly are. Because it is better to be real from the beginning then have the real you come out at some later date. 

Don’t make everything about money. Yes, part of being an influencer is that you get compensated by companies for sharing their products with your peeps. But don’t make every post, decision, or aspect about your relationship with your audience a money driven one. 

Do care. If this is strictly business to you it will show. So care. Care about the people who care about you. 

Don’t lie. About anything: who you are, products, people, - just don’t do it. 

Do tell a story. You are not an infomercial pitchman selling everything from towels to Tupperware. Have your posts and recommendations make sense within the bigger story being told. 

Don’t sell your soul. You have to understand that the buzz-worthiness of being an influencer is for a season. Just like with viral videos, influencer marketing as it is today won’t be around in a few years. But you and the people who make up your audience will be. Don’t sell your soul for the potential of short-term money. The long-term relationship will be of more value to you in the end. 

Do know it takes time. Like everything nothing is instant. It takes time to grow your numbers and influence. People will not automatically trust you overnight. Be consistent and know that this should truly be an act of relationship building, not affiliate selling.