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The 5 Do's and Don’ts When It Comes To Giveaways.

We all love a good giveaway. The chance to win an amazing prize just because. YES! Sign us up. 

And though giveaways can be a great way to have people notice your brand, they can also create unforeseen negative after effects. 

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes To Giveaways 

Do Have It Make Sense. Offering anything or big-ticket items like a new Macbook just because they will bring in more contestants doesn’t make sense if those items aren’t on brand for what you are all about. 

Don’t Be Part Of A Bundle. No matter if you are bundling your services or products within the giveaway, if you are partnering with other people- you have a disaster waiting to happen. First off your product or service can easily get lost in the mix. And secondly, if one of your other fellow entrepreneurs isn’t as honest as you are- their poor business practices will come back to harm you. 

Do Have Clear Intentions. If you are hosting a giveaway “just because” you have the wrong intentions. Giveaways require a lot of work to have them go off without a hitch as well as on the up and up. So be crystal clear what types of leads and tangible results you are looking for. 

Don’t Go Low. Just like how Groupon destroys a brand’s caliber of client base- so can the wrong giveaway. Don’t go gimmicky, trendy, or anything less than the caliber of excellence your brand delivers. 

Do Have A Long Game In Place. Giveaways bring people in the door per se, but they also are cold leads. They didn’t come in to buy. They came in to receive. Make sure to have a long-term game plan in place to convert these freebies into fully paying clients.