Business 15

Tech: Staying Connected In A Hands Off Society

DMs, apps, notifications, o’my. We live in the day of instant communication, and yet we have little com-munication. Here are a few ways to use tech to your relationship’s advantage: 

Think it. Do it. If you have a lovely thought or a “missing you” moment. Share it. Now. 

Schedule it. Showing people that you care is essential in today’s online-only world. So schedule it. If that is time to have dinner together, a few thought filled gifts to be sent throughout the year, or blocking out time to catch up. Make your relationships and 

showing the people that you love that you love them- an essential part of your daily life. 

Make it meaningful. From having a book club for two to sharing a private game of online scrabble to 

having a one on one face time meeting vs just an email - find a way to make the work and relationship matter to both of you. 

Remember the small things. Jot down notes like pet names, birthdays, and hobbies in your contact memo section so that you can remember that yes, this is the client that has the love affair with vegan ice cream. 

Go old school. Old school wins almost every time. So mail the personalized handwritten by you birthday card, meet up with your clients at their place- just because. Mail the welcome pack, make the call, and snail mail the work. 

Building relationships are all about consciously 

investing in them. And sometimes the best way to do that is to get a bit “down and dirty.”