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Stop Connecting With Everyone

One of the greatest challenges that we have as human beings is our 

desire for acceptance. A totally 

natural and biological need, but in today's online business world, this need can go astray. 

The business gurus encourage 

creating relationships, joining groups, and sharing your brilliance as all the ways to gain business, yet the 

fundamental truth is that is an 

unsustainable and soul-draining 


The truth is that you aren’t meant to connect with or even genuinely care about everyone. What you are meant to do is having meaningful 

connections with others for a direct purpose. Yes, we aren’t meant to have relationships for no explicit 


Because when we choose to have relationships for a purpose, that 

biological need for acceptance 

lessons because the need for the 

purpose outranks it. So we become less obsessed with ourselves and how we feel and what we think - and become focused on the joint purpose of the relationship. 

Plus by being purpose focused in our relationships we are more committed and understand the natural evolution of the relationship. When the purpose is achieved - it is time to evaluate and reframe the relationship. Allowing all 

parties to grow and move on out of respect and from a place of support, not abandonment. 

Stop trying to be friends and be there for everyone. You aren’t meant to. Get clear on the purposes of the 

relationships you want and seek those. You will be a much happier person with purpose-driven 

relationships in your life.