Branding 15

Steal The Strategy: Say My Name

Yes, Destiny’s Child had it right, “SAY MY NAME!” We love when people say our name. And that’s why most luxury 

companies from high-end coffee shops to car dealerships - say your name. 

Why do we love our name so much? Well for most of us it is one of the first words we learned because our parents were always saying our names to us. By saying our name we 

innately feel safe and secure in the situation. And when you feel safe you are more likely to take a bigger risk because someone has your back. 

We also love to hear our name because it makes us feel 

important, wanted, desired, and needed. So our innate 

human need for significance and love are triggered. 

Lastly, we love hearing our name because we feel like a 

chosen part of the community. That we aren’t some worker that no one knows, but that we are a valuable part of this relationship and organization and without us, it wouldn’t be the same. 

The ironic thing in all of this is that even though we know that in a sales situation this is all a ploy, we happily fall for it 

every time because our desire for connection, acceptance, and being valued is so strong. 

So “SAY THEIR NAME!” even if your audience acts shy, we all truly do love it. It’s human nature.