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Stay In The Know: Why You Need A Dream Team

It is easy to blame the insanity that we see online on the full moon or Mercury being in retrograde, but the truth is that people are becoming more animalistic than ever. Gone are the days of professional 

decorum and at any moment your seemingly nice client can turn into a Jerry Springer guest. 

Whatever you blame it on, our lawsuit-happy culture has created a degradation of society overall. And the truth is that no matter how amazing and above board, your business is, no matter how many years of happy customers you have had, someone is going to try to destroy all that you have worked for and you. That is just a fact. 

Instead of being on the defense, shocked and in pain when it happens. I am a fan of playing the offense. And one way to do that is to have your emergency response dream team close at hand. 

Your dream team should include various lawyers (trademark, entrepreneurial law, client disputes, etc), CPA, business manager, brand or impression manager, your social media expert, and someone poised in crisis management. 

Your dream team doesn’t need to be 

official, so no need to make team shirts up. But you need to know who to call and when. You also need to have a professional relationship with each contact because trust me it is easier to play offense when everyone knows the game at hand.