Style 15

Matte Luxe

The pendulum has swung the other way- dewey, sparkle is out and matte is in. From makeup to 

metals - matte is back in a big way. 

Now the look of matte evokes a more sophisticated, aged, and elegant vibe. Where as all things glossy scream youth. Matte equals mature. 

Be cautious how you follow this trend. A total matte obsession may be in vogue, but it may age you greatly too. So instead of an entire face of matte stick to one area: eyes, cheeks, lips, or skin. Instead of all matte metals, choose a decor or accessory item that has fun and whimsy - aka isn’t a 

collector’s item that you are going to pass down to great grandkids someday. 

And just know that like everything, sparkle will be back. Glossy will return. So don’t rid your makeup drawer, wardrobe, or home of the items you love. Like all trends, they will return.