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How To Be Drama Free

Entrepreneurs are natural doers. Tell us to do something and we are on it. Tell us that we need to fix ourselves, and we get totally confused about what to do. 

Great relationships start with you. 

You must be a grounded, well-rounded person, who loves life and is ok with who they are. See how I didn’t say, love, themselves. 

Personally I think loving yourself is a bit odd. I don’t love all aspects of my personality, but I like them. I don’t want to or know that changing them isn’t going to happen. That doesn’t mean that I beat myself up over who I am and nor does it mean that I go around saying how much I love me. What it does mean is that I fully accept all the aspects that I think are right on and the ones that may come across as a little rough. 

Why does any of this matter when it comes to relationships? 


No matter if we are talking personally or professionally there you are. And in today’s stressed out world, people are barely hold-ing it together themselves that they can take whatever baggage of self-doubt or lack of clarity that you bring into the mix. 

Be an adult and make peace with who you are. Change what you want to change. Keep what you want to keep. Love what you love. And like what you like. 

This way you fully understand what you bring to every relationship and you know it isn’t a bunch of drama.