Business 15

How The Client Games Have Changed

If your business is reliant upon a constant flow of clients “coming through the doors.” Then you know first hand that clients are the same. 

Clients use to be open, trusting, and loyal. There was a sense of appreciation and mutual respect. 

Today’s clients come in thinking they are informed, but largely being misinformed. They have been around the block so they are tired, pissed off, and spent - both emo-tionally and financially. And because of all of this, they are questioning, unapprecia-tive, and lack respect overall. They believe that no matter how they act or what they say, “The client is always right.” 

Now a business is use to handling the occasional challenging client, but when you have a herd of ungratefulness- that is difficult to swallow. So what is a business to do in this age of being sued for not taking on a client and where contracts only work when we have morally conscious people on both sides? 

Toe The Tough Line. 

As entrepreneurs, we love that we are in charge. But because we are the ones in charge, our love for our work, clients, and eagerness to please can totally get in the way of our financial success and client relationships. So yes, we must Toe The Tough Line. 

Toe The Tough Line means to: 

• Respect your business like you would a boss 

• Vet your clients as much as they vet you 

• Ground rules on behavior, decorum, and communication 

• Hold your client responsible as much as you hold yourself. 

• Have the matter of fact conversations when the relationship is going astray 

• Keep the contracts, money, and communication on the up and up 

• Know that in the end, this must be a win-win for both of you. Anything less is unacceptable. 

In short toeing, the tough line is about respect. Respect for you, your client, and your relationship. And when you both frame it as such, you can still be your loving, perfect, charming self on the outside, but everyone knows the protective lioness inside.