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How A Homebody Loves To Travel

With being on the road a minimum of one-third of the year, it is easy for people to think that I love the road. But the truth is I am a total 


To make the road feel more like home there are a few patterns that never change. 

Morning Routine. No matter if I am in an airport jumping off a red-eye and hopping on to the next plane, waking up in a hotel, or at home - the morning routine is always the same. 

Drinks. Yep, Starbucks is this girl's best friend because you can find them virtually everywhere. 

Workflow. I always have meetings with team members before I work with clients and client work always happens between 10 am and 4 pm no matter what time zone I am in. 

Downtime. By 7 pm, it is my time. So it doesn’t matter if clients want a dinner out or to go see a Broadway play, I always graciously bow out. 

Workouts. Now the big workout routines totally shift on the road, but the little micro ones don’t. You can totally catch me doing planks, push-ups, and speed walking in any city I am in. 

The easiest way to make the road feel more like home is to keep the routines of home that you love with you all the time.