Style 15

Creating A Space For Connection

Your space is more than just the environment in which you reside. Your space is the place where life happens. This is where ideas get birthed, memories are made, laughter happens, and lives evolve and grow. 

Your space is more than four walls. Your space should help cultivate the connections you desire most in life. And the great thing is that is what a great space does. 

Yes, your space can encourage people to stay, linger, and listen or create those perfect moments for private one on one conversations to be had or to spark those ideas on what is next- your space is a powerful piece to life because it is part biological, part subconscious, part social story, and all you. 

With that much power surrounding all of us, are you using your space to your advantage? I doubt it. But before you head on over to Home Goods for an entirely new decor ask yourself this. 

What is it that I want out of this space? 

What are the moments and memories I hope to have? 

What types of connections, conversations, and camaraderie do I want for myself and others in here? 

By simply answering those questions I can bet you see the type of space that will create those moments for you as well as those you care about. Jot down the colors, feelings, fabrics, and textures that you see. 

And then go look at your current space. 

What items from your list already exist? Can you regroup or rearrange the space to create more of what you saw in your mind’s eye? What easy ways can you make your current space more on point? Paint the walls? Add a rug? Add some new artwork

Give yourself a budget in time and money and see what happens. 

Whatever you do to your space, doing anything with intention will make your space and how you feel about it even that more special.