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7 Ways To Create Organizational Love

Even if you aren’t an organizationally obsessed junkie like myself. Being organized helps to decrease stress and 

increase productivity in all of us. Here are 7 creative ways to create some organizational love throughout your life: 

Travel: If you are an avid traveler or you want to be, then storage cubes are a must. These compact cubes keep everything organized and in plain sight. So you grab what you need vs unpacking everything. And these guys are also gems for TSA. No need to show your skivvies to the world. They can find the cube they are looking for and inspect away. 

Morning: Your morning routine is crucial to the success of your day. Consider acrylic storage containers for your morning items be it your tea bags or makeup brushes. Acrylic storage containers allow you to see everything while keeping everything neat and in its place. 

Office On The Go: Your work is always with you so make sure you have the ONE bag that lets you be the most efficient and organized. No digging and everything clearly in sight is a must. What works for you is up to you. But remember you only can choose 1. 

Client Work: It doesn’t matter if you have sent your 

client the file 100 times they ask you to send it again. Consider using a desktop and mobile software like Team-work that keeps all of your client's details organized and on the go with you. 

Bed: Your bed should be your sanctuary. Consider storing your fresh bedding - comforters, sheets, and all in clear bedding cube storage bags. This way everything stays fresh, neat, and easily at your fingertips. 

Business Necessities: We all have aspects to our 

businesses that just aren’t sexy. So make sure to jazz up these everyday essentials. If mailings are part of what you do, don’t leave the bulk 1000 envelopes in the box they came in. Place the envelopes into a pretty bin where they can still be used, but also evokes a bit of beauty. 

Ideas: Consider a traveler’s journal to keep everything organized. These thin small notebooks can keep your personal journal, business ideas, and to do list all in one neat spot.