Style 15

5 Killer Ways To Use Your Style To Connect

How you look says a lot about you. And your personal style can be the best connection piece you can have when it comes to attracting the contacts and connections you are looking for both personally and professionally. 

Here are 5 killer ways to use your style to connect with others. 

Mirror. We all naturally trust people who are like us. So mirror your style as best you can to the person you wish to connect with. If they love bold, be as bold as you can be with their style. If they are into all things feminine, then bring the fem in a manner that is authentic to you. 

Color. Colors matter and not just to your skin tone. The psychological impact colors have can greatly impact how you are perceived. 

Here is the skinny on colors. The darker the color the more professional you are viewed. The lighter the color the more innocent you are perceived. The brighter the color the more energetic or aggressive you are viewed as while patterns can either say collegiate or kid like. 

Details. Details in fit, fabric, and that dog hair matter. Make sure your garment is on point so you will be too. 

Stay classy. If you are ever questioning what to wear, always stay classy. The classics are classics for a reason. They evoke elegance, timelessness and taste. And those are some pretty good characteristics to be known for when starting new connections. 

Accessorize. Accessories from your shoes to your jewelry are the number one conversation starter. Accessories give people a reason to open a conversation with you. So make sure you choose wisely. Instead of just a polite “thank you” have a story to go along with it that is an introduction to the deeper conversation you wish to be having. 

Stop just putting clothes on your body and start getting dressed for the connections you desire.