Marketing 15

3 Unique Ways To Deal With The Online Fake.

Most people’s distaste for social media has to deal with the fact that it is SO FAKE. From the highlight reel lifestyle to the fact that you would NEVER share such information outside of your mate - dealing with the phoniness of social media can be a mental challenge to overcome. 

But that is all it is. A mental challenge. 

Here are 3 unique ways to deal with the fake. 

Make fun of it. We all know that it is happening so make fun of it. Some of the best comedians simply point out the absurdities in life. Why can’t you point out the absurdities within your industry, life, or social media in general? 

Rise above it. This approach is a bit more of a challenge because you have to stay laser focused on your message. Plus it can come across as less engaging simply because you won’t have a conversation. But this is also a long-term approach on how to stay above the phoniness that is in your social sphere. 

Expose. Just like your local news station has the expose’ reporter who tells you the truth behind what really goes on at the local laundromat, you can become the “expose” reporter for the truth within your industry. 

Like everything when it comes to social media, marketing, and your brand. Once you choose to take a stand, you have to stick with it. No matter what backlash or drama that may come your way. Stick to your approach and don’t be sucked into the game of fake at play.