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There is so much to celebrate in life, work, and the lives we lead. Yet, far too of-ten we accelerate through the praise and push forward to the next project. Well, not this month. This month we are all about celebrating all of the accomplish-ments of 2018 and all the adventures that 2019 will bring. 

Personally here at EmpiHER® we have lots to be celebrating: 

• We secured the trademark for the name EmpiHER®

• We are part of the Brandpreneur™ App (currently available in the Google Play store, IOS coming soon), 

• We start production for EmpiHER® TV in January 2019 where we are traveling the country sharing your stories about building your empires (BTW It isn’t too late for us to capture your story 

•We have been featured in over 500 media outlets this year alone 

•And most importantly we have been by your side over the last 12 months encouraging you, speaking the truth, and reminding you that “YES!” you can do this 

And like you, we are just getting started. 

With this being the beginning of Volume 2 for EmpiHER® we are only getting stronger and going deeper with meeting you where you are at, being that trusted resource for your business, and helping you bring forth the next evolution of your EmpiHER®. 

We are excited to be part of this crazy entrepreneurial adventure with you.  

Much Love,

Ali Craig




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