Volume 1 Issue 12, Monthly 12

Brandpreneur Life

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Brandpreneur™ Life isn’t just a feel-good inspirational, Instagram worthy event. This 3-day intensive allows you to go deep and leave with the resources, answers, and clarify about how to move forward and win big for you 2019 and beyond. 

Volume 1 Issue 12, Monthly 12



Take a tally of all that you are doing and ask yourself if your actions have been consistent enough to create a known outcome. If you haven’t been consistent, keep going. If you have been consistent, ask yourself if you are on the road to the desired results and relationships you want. 

Volume 1 Issue 12, Monthly 12


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Before you finalize your 2019 brand plan make sure that you check your planned actions with the person and life you want to be. You have to madly and deeply be in love with your brand and your offers for anyone else to be in love with all that you do. 

Style 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Overcoming “The Snake In The Can” Illusion

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We have all been there. We decide we are going to organize our closet or office and a little less than half way through the process we think, “Dear Lord, what did I get myself into?!?” Items are everywhere and it feels like the stuffed snakes popped out of the can. And you secretly wonder, “Can I just put it all back and walk away?” 

When we are looking to plan for a better life, business, space, whatever it is - many times in this moment of organization what was supposed to be the art of simplifi-cation seems like we have multiplied everything not simplified and refined our lives. 


The Snake In The Can Illusion is when you feel like you are rowing in the opposite direction of your intention. It is the storm before the organizational clarity, and it truly makes you doubt what in the world you were thinking. 

But as named, it is an illusion. Like many illusions it is made to doubt and question yourself. Question how bad ly do you really want this and how badly are you willing to see this through. 

And when it comes to taking control of your space, files, and life - aka organizing- this illusion is critical to overcome because it holds a far deeper and reach impact than just organizing your space. It is a mental reflection of if you can truly achieve, be, and succeed at who you say you are. 

So don’t let your space dictate yourself. 

Follow these simple steps to your organizational success. 

1. TIME. Be spacious with your time meaning give yourself lots of it to achieve your task. 

2. PREP. Consider how you want the space organized in the end and have materials on hand to do so. Also don’t forget the general things like trash bags, label makers, and cleaning supplies. 

3. DIVIDE TO ORGANIZE. Yes, you have to spread it all out and divide the items into groups. 

4. CLEAN AS YOU GO. Nothing is worse than organizing dirt. So clean as you go. 

5. MAKE IT PRETTY. Organization isn’t just about organizing. In the end, it should be a beautiful expression. So yes, choose items that make you smile. 

Style 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Will Your Favorite Sheet Mask Please Stand Up?


We have all seen them. Sheet masks are the newest trend in skincare. 

Typically made of cotton or gelatin and al-low to hydrate your skin, these trendy beau-ty methods are designed to lift, tone, firm, hydrate, brighten, lighten, and everything else in between. 

But do they work? 

Here are the top 3 favs from our EmpiHER® insiders: 


Soothing Hydra.jpg

Clearly we are a big fan of Dr. Jart’s products overall because they work. And these sheet masks are no exception. Targeting solutions for various skin problems, the 6 pack is our fav because we can have a mask every night for less than we pay for Starbucks in a few days. 


Happy Skin.jpg

We have all seen the articles reporting that Kate Middleton’s secret skin weapon is rose. From rose water to rose oil, supposedly it is roses that keep her looking rejuvenated and stunning. Well, you can get your rose on with this Happy Skin sheet mask. 


ice plant.jpg

Stem cells are the trend on the rise. Hailed as the fountain of youth, these masks take plant stem cells and transform that into a sheet mask that claims to firm, tone, lighten, and brighten. And though we can’t say that it is a cure all, it is pretty lovely. 

You 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Make Quantum Leaps When You Feel Like Giving Up


Someday, for we super-ambitious badass-preneurs, it’ll be showdown time, folks. 

You know that time, when we are faced with the fact that we must up-level business and life or roll over into the couch resign our-selves to ‘mediocrititus’. Sometime we’ll be faced with the decision: go big or go home. 

At that moment, we find ourselves at a cross-roads; there are two choices - take the usual street home, the one marked My Small Old Life, and carry on with our lives regardless or make a decision and a commitment to change by turning your nose down the road, that is marked My Big New Life. 

At this point, there is an opportunity to wield your powers of awareness and awesome-ness: 



We all have these powers and they all hold key wisdom to helping us get over doubts, fears, procrastination and staying invisible. 

So use these powers as a reality check, to get you back in the badass saddle, fierce with motivation and drive. 

1. Choice 

Reality check : you are a creature of free will. You are always choosing. Whatever you are focused on you are choosing. If you don’t like what you’ve got, you can choose again. 

Life is not outside you, Life is inside you. Life IS you. And so is your business. 

Owning responsibility that you can, at all mo-ments, decide whether you’re an icon-in-the-making, or just another wannabe, makes your choices vital. 

We are either powerful creators, or we’re not. 

We choose all of it. Success or not success. 

A harsh but empowering reality check that will have you deliberate about making choices that are equal to you playing at your highest level. 


2. Change 

Reality check: Change is uncomfortable – that old reptilian brain, the unconscious will fight tooth and nail to keep you in the bondage of staying at the same level. 

Firstly there is ego, the sense of self that needs to defend itself to the death! Separate, alone, fearful, your ego will struggle with going big. It’ll convince you that playing small is gentler and safer. 

Then there are OTHERS and their opinions and how much you listen to them their ex-pectations and projections. You will receive criticism or judgment. 

There is nothing else in the world but con-stant change and shift. It is the natural order of the universe to keep changing so embrace change. 

Become a chameleon taking on the colours of whatever amazing landscape you grace, able to change and adapt or become a snake, growing out of your old skin of old habits and beliefs that kept you short of your brilliance and beauty. 

Tomorrow will never be the same as today and thank God, otherwise you’re living in ‘Groundhog Day’. 



Reality check: When the going gets tough, you are no longer in the vicinity because you’ve outrun your old race. 

Commitment equals strong intentions and mighty implementation habits. 

Commitment is the real quantum leap. It’s not trying, it’s persevering. It’s not hesitating or looking down. It’s the same energy as when you’re running; you don’t have time to wonder if you can put one foot in front of another at speed. You trust your body to get that damn foot forward as your body lurches forward. You believe with every cell in your body that you are going to advance, so you do. That’s commitment. 

Commitment gives a sign to the universe that you ain’t messin’. So it can deliver on time. 

That gorgeous iconic lifestyle of you playing at your highest level. 

• What would it mean to you to wake up tomorrow in that life? 

• How would you choose? 

• What would you do differently? 

• What would you be thinking and feeling and seeing? 

• What would you be smelling and touching? 

• What are you earning? 

• Who are you with? 

• Build yourself a complete sensual vision of your ideal iconic life – take some time and colour in the details in your head. 

• Where are you? 

• What do you hear? 

• Who is with you? 

• Why, O why does it feel soooo amazing? 

Take some time to give full reign to your imagination and dive into the scene. Embody that scene, all the sensations and emotions, embody it for a few moments. Enjoy it. 

Now take up your journal and write. Choices, Change, Commitment. Write down 9 things under each heading that you will begin implementing today. 

Different choices that equate with your up-levelled self. New changes that will have you feeling like a superstar. Renewed commitments to living your best life as your best you. You have the power. We will adore seeing you rise. 

You 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Build A Brand You Love


When building a brand you love, it can feel selfish. Because it is your brand, your success, your profit, your glory- you, you, you, you, you. 

But is it really? 

Here is the truth, when we look at our brand relationships only from our personal perspective, then we won’t just have unsuccessful brands, we will have really crappy relation-ships too. The truth is though that like with any relationship, it must be a win/win to win because a winning brand is the embodiment of the aspiration both you and your audience have. 

How do create a brand relationship that connects, converts, and creates the lives you and your audience both love? Here are 7 truths. 

1. Woo. Wooing isn’t just for dating. Like with all good relationships, you must al-ways be finding new and fun ways to con-nect and engage. 

2. Meet the real needs. Your audience doesn’t really need your product or ser-vice. They need to be heard, they need to be loved, they need to know they matter. 

3. Unconditional. Your clients need to know that no matter what, you are there for them. That no matter what they say or do - that you got their backs. 

4. Committed. You need to be committed to your audience, the outcome, and their success - sometimes more than they are. 

5. Selfless. Great relationships require selflessness. Now, that doesn’t mean you destroy yourself for the other party, but you must give sometimes when you don’t want to. 

6. Communicate. Yes. talk it out always. 

7. Common ground. Great brands and great relationships require common ground. In the beginning this will be your brand. Ideally you will build more areas of commonality within your relationship, but if you don’t you can always return to the beginnings of the common ground - the brand. 

Life is not meant to be boring and bland. It is meant to be filled with rich beauty, bold color, tons of laughter, and relationships that the fairytales told us were only romantic possibilities. From business, thru our brands, to our friends, family, and with ourselves - we cover all topics related to creating deep, meaningful relationships. So stop surviving and start SoulFire® Living (  

You 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Know If Your Project Is Rooted In Your Purpose


As an entrepreneur, creativity runs through your veins. New ideas and op-portunities are exciting, but none of us have time, resources, or energy to waste. 

We want our efforts to make a difference, have an impact, and matter to ourselves as well as the world at large. 

How can we make sure that we always say “Yes” to the projects that mat-ter? 

Make sure everything you do is rooted in your SoulFire®. 

Your SoulFire® is the brilliance in your madness, the meaning to your pas-sion, and depth to the human existence. It is the “why” to you being a crea-tor not just creative.It is how you are love focused and what your life cen-ters around. 

So how do you know if a project matches your SoulFire®? 


Does it match YOUR “why”? 

Not your parent’s “why.” Not your partner’s “why.” Not your training’s “why.” Not society’s “why.” 

YOUR “WHY” Is all that you need to align your work and your life to. If the “whys’ between your project and your life match - then “why” not do it? 

You 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

7 Ways To Have The Perfect Business Trip


Traveling for business is the envy of many. Yet try it for a little bit and most people burn out because business trips aren’t a vacation and it isn’t a regular work day either. Here are 8 tips to love your business trips from seasoned road (or sky) warriors that will have you loving the road week after week. 

1. Go where you love. Choose the cities, hotels, and transportation brands that you love. 

2. Be loyal. Loyalty programs add up so enroll in the programs of the places you love and stay loyal. 

3. Find the consistencies. Having little consistencies like your fa-vorite coffee or bath soap. 

4. Factor in the flex. Being on the road means that the unforeseen can happen more than normal. Allow for extra time and creative problem solving. 

5. Keep your routine. Make sure that your morning and evening rou-tines stay the same when you are home or on the road. 

6. Duffels and backpacks always. Forget the rollerboard and cute business totes. A duffle bag and backpack will be able to hold more and always fit in the overhead bin space. 

7. Go for the bulkheads and emergency exists. Space is crucial when you travel. When flying always choose the bulkhead or emer-gency row exits for a little extra legroom. 

Plan for an adventure. Traveling is fun because of the unknown. Make sure to factor in a bit of fun whatever that looks like for you. 

Don’t go on your entrepreneurial journey without a road map. Brandpreneur™ App is designed to be your real world, 24/7/365 tool to help you overcome any business, branding, marketing, lifestyle, or entrepreneurial roadblock that may come your way. Brandpreneur™ App is a Brandpreneur™ LLC project. 

Volume 1 Issue 12, You 12

How To Stop The Self Sabotage


We hate to admit it, but it is true. We stop our own success more than anyone else. And even though we know this, we find it difficult to stop. So how do we change this? 

Well ironically to change our minds we have to change our bodies. 

Here is how. 

1. Schedule Your Success: Sched-ule the tasks (day and time) that need to get done to achieve your goal. 

2. Daydream: Everyday schedule 10 minutes to daydream about how your life will be once you are living and working once your goal is accomplished. 

3. Move Your Body: Yep, every time you are feeling the fear, overwhelm, doubt - move your body. 

4. Write It All Out: Everyday take time to write out your fears, mark it out, and write your success over your fears- literally. 

5. New Space And Style: Up level your space and your personal style to reflect who you will be, how you will live, and how you will look once you fully embody and make it to that next level. 

Overcoming self sabotage like every-thing requires planning and execution for success.