Volume 1 Issue 12, Branding 12

5 Ways To Go From Idea To Done


Entrepreneurs can be the creative versions of energizer bunnies. With ide-as popping everywhere it can be a challenge to go from idea to actually fully seeing a project done while still managing the rest of your existing brand. 

Here are a few Do’s and Don'ts when it comes to launching a new idea. 

1. Do be clear about the purpose. Ideas are great, but ideas that don’t lead to your greater good - aka your red thread. Make sure that your idea ignites your purpose on a new level. 

2. Don’t cut corners. When resources like time and money are low, we tend to cut corners just to “get the job done.” Don’t force an idea into fruition at the cost of quality. 

3. Do fully deliver. You know the level of brand experience you create. Make sure you always uplevel on this. 

4. Don’t launch and leave. Once the idea is birthed, you have a baby within your brand family. So you can’t just create and leave it. Just like with any aspect of your brand, you have to nurture it. 

5. Do fall in love fully. Your idea will only be successful and in turn worth the time and energy as long as you fully love it. So yes, fall in love fully with the idea and what it means to your brands and your brand relationships. 

Branding 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Why We Love Consistency


In today’s fast paced culture variety is the game most brands play, but the truth is consistency is what we crave. 

Consistency creates security within a relationship. Consistency creates relatability and reliability. Consistency makes us feel safe to try, fly, and be. Consistency reminds us of our parents and a simpler time of life. 

So yes, we crave consistency. 

What does this love of consistency mean for your brand? 

It means you need to be consistent in your offers, quality, and outreach. You need be consistent in your tone, touchpoints, and temperament. You need to show up fully and al-ways to show your audience that you got them on all levels of life: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, professionally, and personally. 

By modeling consistency for your audience, they will model it back to you in staying brand loyal as well as in love with your brand. 

In the end no matter what you sell, you are selling to another human being. The Neuro Human Branding Academy( is dedicated to helping you build smart relationships via your brand. 

Branding 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

What The Luxury Car Industry Shows Us


We can’t say it enough. 

No matter what you sell, you are selling a luxury. 

This means that your audience doesn’t have to choose you. They aren’t forced into a brand relationship with you. They select, choose, and desire to be part of the brand relationship with you. And in that choice, there is so much power. 

Now when we, as brands, begin to acknowledge the power in our relation-ships as well as in what we are really offering via our brands we begin to change the energy, outcome, and experience that are our brands. 

The luxury car industry knows this best. 

What once use to be the same old experience as car buying anywhere. The luxury car industry is blending personable with exclusivity in a holistic ap-proach. What does that all mean? 

Personable: Instead of sticking with antiquated systems, create a unique and individualized approach. Be accessible where and when your audience needs you. 

Exclusive: Being special matters to everyone including your audience. 

Holistic: Your audience doesn’t want one more problem. They want you to take care of everything. Make sure that from beginning through the entire life cycle of your brand that you have everything covered. This way your clients love and rely on you. 

A win win for your audience and your brand. 

The truth is that you can’t build your EmpiHER® solo. You are an expert in your industry and that is where your focus should stay. The 3 Impressions® team ( is designed to be your virtual in house branding and marketing firm dedicated to helping you make powerful first, last, and lasting impressions (because “Yes!” you are always making 3 impressions®.) 

Branding 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

The Top 5 Ways To Raise Your Brand Kids


Raise your hand if you tinker with your brand? 

Yes, you. You better be raising it. Because I know that we as entrepreneurs love to tweak, tinker, and totally take apart our brands just be-cause. 

For many of us this “tweaking” isn’t rooted in anything specific like we need to update sales copy or fix a typo. The truth is we just don’t want to be done. 

As entrepreneurs, our brands are our babies and just like with our kiddos it is difficult to just let them be. We just want to clean their faces, tie their shoes, and triple check to make sure that they have everything they may need. 

This parental instinct also extends to our brands. And just like with the kids, sometimes our tweaking is good and sometimes it cripples the brand in the end. 

1. How old is your brand kid? New or re-branded brands are like having babies around. You have to get use to them. They have to get use to you. And just like with babies, you can’t expect them to take care of themselves. Same holds true with your brand. 

2. The terrible 2’s are real. Just like with your kids, your brands will hit the terrible 2s as well. Around the two year mark, your brand will have had some growth, but will have to be growing to the next level. And in this moment of growth comes great strength and struggle both personally and professionally. 

3. At some point you will have a little brand. And about 5 years in you will realize that what was once your little fledgling brand that you always had to take care of, that now you have a little brand. Not quite at the size, strength, influence, or income as the “adult” version of your brand, but a little “mini me” version is at hand. 

4. Understand your brand kid’s friends. The company you keep, influences who you are. And your brand is no different. From your audience, staffers, and independent contrac-tors- everyone your brand meets influences who you are and what you are about. 

5. Plan, prep, and let live. From the moment you conceive (brand or child) you begin to create dreams, plans, and visions for your brand. Some you help bring into action while others will never come to be. Same holds true with your brand. 

Yes your brand is your kid. Never forget it. 

Obsessed with helping the "Little Guy," the Davids, beat the modern day Goliaths, Ali Craig is 3x best selling author, producer, strategist, luxury and master neuro human brand-ing® - she knows that the best brands and relationships speak to our human elements. And it is these relationships in which we must use our brains, heart, and soul to sell. 

Volume 1 Issue 12, Branding 12

Steal The Strategy: Fashion Industry


The fashion industry is one that has stood and is still standing the test of time. Many lessons can be derived from this industry, but one that I love the most when it comes to entrepreneurship is the idea of the seasons. 

The fashion industry offers their wares by seasons. So this is 12-24 pieces created, like it or leave. But either way next season we will be having something new. 

This idea alone for the entrepreneurial circuit is key when it comes to selling the “same old same old “ year after year. Wonder why your audience leaves? They are bored. 

The other aspect to these seasons in the fashion industry is the timing. The collection or offer is created months in advance. And yes on many levels logistics are at play here, but we as entrepreneurs have logistics too. Yet far too many of us have fallen for the “build the plane as you fly” mentality which means you are always building, you are always stressed, and you just hope you are doing this right. 

This perspective doesn’t afford us the time to take our time, think about the details, and tailor our offer to the perfect fit of our audience. 


Because honestly, we can. 

Instead of just throwing offers out there. Instead of just offering the same thing over and over again until no one wants it. Instead of making up programs but only building them for the first time when the money is in the bank… what if we planned and delivered timely excellence. And in the next season offer something new? 

Such a radical yet old school idea. Don’t you think? 

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Branding 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

#Trends: “I’m Busy”


The idea of being busy is something more than just a badge of honor, it is also a form of currency. Because if you don’t have millions in the bank, talking about your hustle, work schedule and all of that is a new form of status. 

The idea of being busy is nothing new, but it has become the most common an-swer to “How are you?” “Busy.” 

Truly “busy” or not, the trend of “I’m busy,” says a lot about where we are at as a society. Busy means leave me alone, don’t bother, I’m too important, and I surely don’t care enough to share what I am doing and dealing with you. 


1. Your audience wants to lead when it comes to engagement. Don’t force community or connection. Be available. Be known. But don’t lead. 

2. Give them the tools (heck and even do it for them) but let them take the credit. The art of being busy is to say “I’m important. And I can do it all by myself.” Even though we know that is not true, your audience needs to feel significant. 

3. Status matters. Make sure your brand, product, service reflects that your customer/ client is “somebody” at least to you. We live in a society where most people are disillusioned by life and adulthood. No one is where they thought they would be. Help your audience feel a level of accomplishment. 

Our epidemic with “busy” roots in our desire for worth, value, and to know that we matter. Which all roots in our natural desire to be significant and feel loved. Give your audience these two things, and your audience won’t be too busy for you. 

In the end no matter what you sell, you are selling to another human being. The Neuro Human Branding Academy( is dedicated to helping you build smart relationships via your brand.