Marketing 12

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Transform Your Pieces Into A Powerful Brand


Many modern brands have multiple pieces. You started with one product or service and have evolved from there. But along the way you didn’t actually stop and consciously decide how all of these offers actually made sense to your brand. 

Now you may not think that is all a bad thing. But the truth is that to your consumer eventually they will wonder who and what you are. 


Simple, understand the red thread that ties everything together. Because even though to the outside world your offers may look scattered, the truth is for you - they connect on a deeper level - aka your red thread. 

By understanding these deeper commonalities - aka your red thread - you are able to stop selling the logistics of your products and services and start selling the heart of your offers for you and to your audience. This doesn’t just allow you to stand apart from your com-petition, it allows your audience to connect with the heart of the brand relationship. 

Plus moving forward, by selling your red thread vs the logistics, any new offer, products, or brand expansions will make sense because they tie to a deeper meaning and purpose - your red thread. 


Follow these 3 simple steps: 

1 .Make a list of all the things you have instinctually loved doing as far back as you can remember, all of your hobbies, certifications, interests, and jobs 

2. Next to each item, list why it mat-tered to you 

3. Underline where your “whys” had in common 

When you see the common thread, aka your red thread, all of your life, offers, and brand options begin to make sense to you and your audience. 

In the end no matter what you sell, you are selling to another human being. To learn more about your Red Thread, check out The Neuro Human Branding Academy ( weekly vlog series. 

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

The Do’s And Don'ts To A Successful Launch


Planning your Spring 2019 launch. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider. 

DO DECIDE ON THE SALES MODEL THAT WORKS FOR YOU. Only offering your product or service for a limited time may work for your bank account or it may not. Let your cash flow needs dictate the sales approach you take. 

DON’T DO THE FUNNEL. The only people who think the funnel approach is still valid are people who get paid to teach this model and the people who gave them their money. 

DO KNOW THE VALUE OF YOUR WORK. When you understand the true value of your work from a logistical and transformative perspective you can price your work accordingly. 

DON’T DO THE EXAGGERATED GIVEAWAYS, BONUS-ES, AND DISCOUNTS. Such gimmicks don’t make your brand look smart. And such tactics work on the audiences that are most vulnerable not necessarily the ones that see your value. 

DO CULTIVATE THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR LIST. No one likes that friend that only comes around when they need something. So don’t do that to your brand relationships either. Cultivate your relation-ships always so that you always have an audience who is eager to listen and buy. 

The International Society of Impression Managers ( believes the impressions you make should be influential, intentional, and impressionable. Are yours? 

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Social Media For People Who Hate Social Me-dia: Why You Must Be Consistent


The one thing that everyone needs to do and few ever do is be consistent. 


People want consistency. People need consistency. And in this day and age, few things from relationships to brands are consistent. 


1. Via a scheduler. Automatic scheduler systems can definitely keep you regular on social media, but they also allow you to feel like you can set it and forget about not engaging with your audience. 

2. Via an appointment. You write it down and you show up the same place, and time every time. Though very consistent not too many people’s schedules can truly accom-modate this for months on end. 

3. Via the every step you take model. Meaning that you share everything. Show up everywhere. You can be sitting in a parking lot, heading into a meeting, or bringing the dog to the vet - you are consistent because you are always on no matter what. 

There truly is no wrong or right way to approach social media or marketing in general. What does matter is that you do it. And for most of us, that means we need to have various methods in place to get the job done depending upon the moment. 

Consider these personal and branding ground rules when it comes to creating a consistent online presence. 

1. Be real about the relationship style you want. If you love deep diving into a killer conversation with a few people then set up your social media to encourage intimacy over the masses. 

2. Mix the methods. Automation combined with authentic engagement is a perfect way to make sure your brand is always showing up. 

3. Plan what you are going to say. I’m going to bet that just random chatter isn’t your jam. So think about what you are going to say prior to anything. Look at what is relevant to your business, industry, and audience. Just like at a networking, small talk is better than the awkwardness of no talking. 

Love it or not. Show yourself, your brand, and your audience a little bit of respect and show up. Be consistent and the world will bring consistency to you. 

Just because you haven’t fallen for the social media Kool-aide doesn’t mean that you can’t use this marketing tool to your brand’s ad-vantage no matter how much you don’t enjoy it. Social Media Who Hate Social Media ( is designed to have you reframe what social media is to you and how you can successfully and happily use it to your brand’s advantage. 

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Sell A New Idea To Your Audience


Helping people think outside of the societal box is one of the greatest advantages of entrepreneurs. But selling new ideas, beliefs, and stories that go against our social programing can be challenging. 

How do you sell a new idea to your market when they don’t even know they want it? 

1. FIND THE SOCIAL STORY AT PLAY. Our audiences and industries all have social stories that influence us for good and sometimes for not so good. When we understand what the story says, we can then speak to or against the social programing. 

2. CONNECT WITH THE SUBCONSCIOUS TRIGGERS. As human beings, we live our lives over 90% of the time with our subconscious mind driving us. This means our fears, anxieties, doubts, and hesitations are what is running your audience. Speak to these unspoken and show them how your new idea speaks to their unspoken. 

3. TALK TO THE HEART AND NOT THE HEAD. No one moves from the logical side of life. We are heart driven first. Show your audience how your idea fulfills the desires of their hearts and dreams. Aka don’t sell the logic. Sell the heart. 

Selling a new idea to your audience isn’t an impossible. It is totally possible when you follow these three simple steps. 

The impressions we make create the relationships, opportunities, and connections of our futures. That is why here at the International Society of Impression Managers ( we fell that every impression you make should be intelligent and influential. So that every singular impression adds up to express who you are and what you are about both personally and professionally. 

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Why Multi Sensory Makes More Money


We live in the day and age of instant and online. Which means visual sensory engagement only. Yet visual sensory engagement alone is the least memorable way for your brand to get noticed simply due to the excess visual overload we all face. 

So what gets you noticed and gets you more money, a multi sensory approach. 

Now before you tell me that you are an online business only. Let me tell you that that is not a problem. 

One of the many joys of our subconscious mind is that it does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. Simply adding sensory cues in your copy (aka adjectives and verbs), textural details in your images, or just referencing taste and scent such as fresh cut grass or a hot apple pie - your audience’s subconscious mind will create a multi sensory event. 

The next time you need to write sales copy, social media post, or create a new offer- don’t forget about the power of the senses and the subconscious mind. Because no matter who you sell to, you are always selling to another human being. 

Being an entrepreneur means you are naturally creative. But yet the entrepreneurial informational marketplace doesn’t offer distinct solutions or recognition for the creative heartbeat and spirit you have. The International Society of Creative Entrepreneurs™ ( is the go to resource for creative entrepreneurs. Offering professional recognition, trainings, community, connection, monthly meet ups, and live events. ISCE is set to bring power to the creative entrepreneurial marketplace. 

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Let’s Get Social


November 10th National Vanilla Cupcake Day 

November 11th Veterans’ Day 

November 13th World Kindness Day 

November 14th National Spicy Guacamole Day 

November 16th National Fast Food Day 

November 22nd Thanksgiving 

November 23rd National Espresso Day 

November 24th Small Business Saturday 

November 26th Cyber Monday 

December 4th National Sock Day 

December 8th Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day 

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Why Packaging Matters


Many entrepreneurs forget about packaging. They assume that digital doesn’t need “packaging” and in those brief moments where tangible does exist in your brands -well does it really matter. 


And Apple knows this the best. 

Millions of dollars are spent on all details of their packaging experience - digital and tangible. From the box slide, to the paper color, texture, corners, to the specific shade of white used on their website - Apple understands that packaging experience equates to brand loyalty. 

If Apple knows this, you should too. 

So how can you add some killer packaging details to your packaging experience? Let’s learn from Apple. 

1. THE SLIDE. We need to balance giving our consumers what they want with a smidge of anticipation. 

2. TEXTURES MATTER. Be it through your visual imagery or your welcome kit, textures matter. Rough equates to slow consumption and an older business model. While smooth and sleek equate to fresh, fast, and fun. 

3. BIOLOGY. From colors to corners, online and offline, these elements still trigger our natural fight and flight instincts. Use your audiences’ biology to your brand’s relationship advantage. 

The truth is that you can’t build your EmpiHER® solo. You are an expert in your industry and that is where your focus should stay. The 3 Impressions® team ( is designed to be your virtual in house branding and marketing firm dedicated to helping you make powerful first, last, and lasting im-pressions (because “Yes!” you are always making 3 impressions®.) 

Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Deliver An Out Of The Box Experience


Have you ever experienced that moment where you thought you were receiving one thing, but in the end you felt like the queen of the world. That every detail and kindness was extended to you. Hours felt like minutes. You loved the people, the conversations, and the interactions at hand. 

It is these moments that we live for. And it is these moments as brands that we need to create through everything we do, even our marketing efforts. 

Now modern marketing has changed the landscape on many levels on how people interact. Real world has made way for virtual, and instant has replaced exceptional. Or at least that is what everyone wants you to believe. 

But like with all good marketing, being not like the rest of the crowd is essential to standing out. So how do you stand out, create an out of the box experience all in a timely and cost effective manner? 

1. CHOOSE PLATFORMS THAT SHOW YOUR STATUS. Doing what everyone else does isn’t going to get you noticed. Choose platforms that naturally elevate your expert status and present you as the expert you are. 

2. CREATE A HIGHER CALIBER. There is always a balance between getting things done and delivering a higher caliber of experience. 

3. ALWAYS EDUTAIN. Yes, you aren’t boring your audience to death with facts and statistics nor are you here to do a song and dance for your audience either. Everything is about edutainment. 

4, MEDIA MATTERS. Traditional media outlets are still the “go to” instant social proof plat-forms. Consider working directly with tradition-al media outlets or choose platforms that the traditional media will take notice of. 

5. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Like everything in business and in life, consistency is key when it comes to creating an out of the box marketing experience. 

A great brand alone isn’t going to get you known. Being seen as an industry leader, creating mass social proof and standing out from the crowd in an authentic and powerful way is crucial to your brand’s success. And to do that you must do more than the rest of your industry. Entreventure™ ) creates original and media worthy platforms for the learners and leaders in the entrepreneurial fields to stand out and be seen.