Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Why Packaging Matters


Many entrepreneurs forget about packaging. They assume that digital doesn’t need “packaging” and in those brief moments where tangible does exist in your brands -well does it really matter. 


And Apple knows this the best. 

Millions of dollars are spent on all details of their packaging experience - digital and tangible. From the box slide, to the paper color, texture, corners, to the specific shade of white used on their website - Apple understands that packaging experience equates to brand loyalty. 

If Apple knows this, you should too. 

So how can you add some killer packaging details to your packaging experience? Let’s learn from Apple. 

1. THE SLIDE. We need to balance giving our consumers what they want with a smidge of anticipation. 

2. TEXTURES MATTER. Be it through your visual imagery or your welcome kit, textures matter. Rough equates to slow consumption and an older business model. While smooth and sleek equate to fresh, fast, and fun. 

3. BIOLOGY. From colors to corners, online and offline, these elements still trigger our natural fight and flight instincts. Use your audiences’ biology to your brand’s relationship advantage. 

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