Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

The Do’s And Don'ts To A Successful Launch


Planning your Spring 2019 launch. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider. 

DO DECIDE ON THE SALES MODEL THAT WORKS FOR YOU. Only offering your product or service for a limited time may work for your bank account or it may not. Let your cash flow needs dictate the sales approach you take. 

DON’T DO THE FUNNEL. The only people who think the funnel approach is still valid are people who get paid to teach this model and the people who gave them their money. 

DO KNOW THE VALUE OF YOUR WORK. When you understand the true value of your work from a logistical and transformative perspective you can price your work accordingly. 

DON’T DO THE EXAGGERATED GIVEAWAYS, BONUS-ES, AND DISCOUNTS. Such gimmicks don’t make your brand look smart. And such tactics work on the audiences that are most vulnerable not necessarily the ones that see your value. 

DO CULTIVATE THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR LIST. No one likes that friend that only comes around when they need something. So don’t do that to your brand relationships either. Cultivate your relation-ships always so that you always have an audience who is eager to listen and buy. 

The International Society of Impression Managers ( believes the impressions you make should be influential, intentional, and impressionable. Are yours?