Marketing 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Deliver An Out Of The Box Experience


Have you ever experienced that moment where you thought you were receiving one thing, but in the end you felt like the queen of the world. That every detail and kindness was extended to you. Hours felt like minutes. You loved the people, the conversations, and the interactions at hand. 

It is these moments that we live for. And it is these moments as brands that we need to create through everything we do, even our marketing efforts. 

Now modern marketing has changed the landscape on many levels on how people interact. Real world has made way for virtual, and instant has replaced exceptional. Or at least that is what everyone wants you to believe. 

But like with all good marketing, being not like the rest of the crowd is essential to standing out. So how do you stand out, create an out of the box experience all in a timely and cost effective manner? 

1. CHOOSE PLATFORMS THAT SHOW YOUR STATUS. Doing what everyone else does isn’t going to get you noticed. Choose platforms that naturally elevate your expert status and present you as the expert you are. 

2. CREATE A HIGHER CALIBER. There is always a balance between getting things done and delivering a higher caliber of experience. 

3. ALWAYS EDUTAIN. Yes, you aren’t boring your audience to death with facts and statistics nor are you here to do a song and dance for your audience either. Everything is about edutainment. 

4, MEDIA MATTERS. Traditional media outlets are still the “go to” instant social proof plat-forms. Consider working directly with tradition-al media outlets or choose platforms that the traditional media will take notice of. 

5. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Like everything in business and in life, consistency is key when it comes to creating an out of the box marketing experience. 

A great brand alone isn’t going to get you known. Being seen as an industry leader, creating mass social proof and standing out from the crowd in an authentic and powerful way is crucial to your brand’s success. And to do that you must do more than the rest of your industry. Entreventure™ ) creates original and media worthy platforms for the learners and leaders in the entrepreneurial fields to stand out and be seen.