Branding 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Why We Love Consistency


In today’s fast paced culture variety is the game most brands play, but the truth is consistency is what we crave. 

Consistency creates security within a relationship. Consistency creates relatability and reliability. Consistency makes us feel safe to try, fly, and be. Consistency reminds us of our parents and a simpler time of life. 

So yes, we crave consistency. 

What does this love of consistency mean for your brand? 

It means you need to be consistent in your offers, quality, and outreach. You need be consistent in your tone, touchpoints, and temperament. You need to show up fully and al-ways to show your audience that you got them on all levels of life: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, professionally, and personally. 

By modeling consistency for your audience, they will model it back to you in staying brand loyal as well as in love with your brand. 

In the end no matter what you sell, you are selling to another human being. The Neuro Human Branding Academy( is dedicated to helping you build smart relationships via your brand.