Volume 1 Issue 12, Style 12

What’s Your Soulstyle?


Somewhere along our fashion and life journey, it is easy to lose what our true, unique, one of a kind sense of style is. From just accepting what is in our closets, to the societal pressures to dress a certain way, to just not having time to think about what we are wearing at all - for many of us, our sense of style falls to the side making way for the “more important” things of life. 

But our personal style shares so much more than just how we dress, it is a reflec-tion of our dreams, achievements, relationships, and status. Our style says who we are and where we are going. It either encourages relationships or discourages them all together. Yes, your personal style matters. So what is your true, unique, original, SoulStyle™ perspective? Let’s find out. 

1. If size and money was no object, what would be your ideal style? 

A. A killer pair of jeans, tee, leather jacket, and the most amazing pair of shoes 

B. A tracksuit or hoodie with shoes you have had forever. 

C. The most perfectly tailored suit to your body. 

D. Color, fun, and accessories filled with meaning. 

2. Your favorite shoes are? 

A. Stilettos 

B. Something you have had for years 

C. Loafer or kitten heel 

D. Mary Jane or ballet slipper 

3. Your favorite go-to accessory is? 

A. Anything that makes a statement 

B. None 

C. The classic string of pearls 

D. Anything with sentiment 

4. The colors you love seeing on you are: 

A. Black, white, and all things bold 

B. Colors of the forest like tan and moss green. 

C. The classic business colors like na-vy, black, cream, and grey 

D. Anything bright and fun 

5. If people were to define your style in one word, it would be: 

A. Bold 

B. Casual 

C. Classic 

D. Happy 

Grab your results at https://empiher.press/soulstyle