Branding 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

What The Luxury Car Industry Shows Us


We can’t say it enough. 

No matter what you sell, you are selling a luxury. 

This means that your audience doesn’t have to choose you. They aren’t forced into a brand relationship with you. They select, choose, and desire to be part of the brand relationship with you. And in that choice, there is so much power. 

Now when we, as brands, begin to acknowledge the power in our relation-ships as well as in what we are really offering via our brands we begin to change the energy, outcome, and experience that are our brands. 

The luxury car industry knows this best. 

What once use to be the same old experience as car buying anywhere. The luxury car industry is blending personable with exclusivity in a holistic ap-proach. What does that all mean? 

Personable: Instead of sticking with antiquated systems, create a unique and individualized approach. Be accessible where and when your audience needs you. 

Exclusive: Being special matters to everyone including your audience. 

Holistic: Your audience doesn’t want one more problem. They want you to take care of everything. Make sure that from beginning through the entire life cycle of your brand that you have everything covered. This way your clients love and rely on you. 

A win win for your audience and your brand. 

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