Branding 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

#Trends: “I’m Busy”


The idea of being busy is something more than just a badge of honor, it is also a form of currency. Because if you don’t have millions in the bank, talking about your hustle, work schedule and all of that is a new form of status. 

The idea of being busy is nothing new, but it has become the most common an-swer to “How are you?” “Busy.” 

Truly “busy” or not, the trend of “I’m busy,” says a lot about where we are at as a society. Busy means leave me alone, don’t bother, I’m too important, and I surely don’t care enough to share what I am doing and dealing with you. 


1. Your audience wants to lead when it comes to engagement. Don’t force community or connection. Be available. Be known. But don’t lead. 

2. Give them the tools (heck and even do it for them) but let them take the credit. The art of being busy is to say “I’m important. And I can do it all by myself.” Even though we know that is not true, your audience needs to feel significant. 

3. Status matters. Make sure your brand, product, service reflects that your customer/ client is “somebody” at least to you. We live in a society where most people are disillusioned by life and adulthood. No one is where they thought they would be. Help your audience feel a level of accomplishment. 

Our epidemic with “busy” roots in our desire for worth, value, and to know that we matter. Which all roots in our natural desire to be significant and feel loved. Give your audience these two things, and your audience won’t be too busy for you. 

In the end no matter what you sell, you are selling to another human being. The Neuro Human Branding Academy( is dedicated to helping you build smart relationships via your brand.