Volume 1 Issue 12, Business 12

The Art Of The Upsell


If you are like most people, you don’t really bring out the paint brushes or charcoal pencils all that often. So when duty calls and you say “yes” to a wine and painting class - your “work of art” is one hot mess. 

Now though we blame our unique creation on the wine. The truth is that art is a skill on many levels that must be used to be honed. Same is true about upselling. 

We all have the art of upselling inside of us. It is our instinct, but many of us don’t allow our instincts to reign and therefore when we try to bring our upselling skills out …. Well, it is one hot mess of a situation that we can’t blame on the wine. 

To truly be a skilled artisan with the upsell we have to start doing a few things daily. 

1. Know Your Intention Always and For Everything. Yes, you have to know why you are doing everything. What are you really wanting out of the networking meeting, client call, social media post? If you aren’t clear what you are looking for - aka more happily paying cli-ents- then they won’t be clear that the offer is even an option. 

2. Know The Value of Your Offers. You have a list of products and services, but why. Why these products or services? Why you? Why are they needed? Why does it matter? When you don’t know the “why” of it all- it is challenging to find a reason to share the offer with others. 

3. Be Clear About The Road Ahead. You have to know the next steps. Yep, you have to know how you can help everyone you meet. By you knowing what offer, product, service, or action needs to be taken your subtle “take control” attitude will come out. Naturally allowing you to speak up and organically upsell. 

Yes, many people think the art of the upsell is some slick manipulation or sleight of hand at play. The truth is the art of the upsell is rooted in knowing your skills, your heart, and the needs of the ones you serve. The art of the upsell is more selfless than self-serving. 

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