Volume 1 Issue 12, Branding 12

Steal The Strategy: Fashion Industry


The fashion industry is one that has stood and is still standing the test of time. Many lessons can be derived from this industry, but one that I love the most when it comes to entrepreneurship is the idea of the seasons. 

The fashion industry offers their wares by seasons. So this is 12-24 pieces created, like it or leave. But either way next season we will be having something new. 

This idea alone for the entrepreneurial circuit is key when it comes to selling the “same old same old “ year after year. Wonder why your audience leaves? They are bored. 

The other aspect to these seasons in the fashion industry is the timing. The collection or offer is created months in advance. And yes on many levels logistics are at play here, but we as entrepreneurs have logistics too. Yet far too many of us have fallen for the “build the plane as you fly” mentality which means you are always building, you are always stressed, and you just hope you are doing this right. 

This perspective doesn’t afford us the time to take our time, think about the details, and tailor our offer to the perfect fit of our audience. 


Because honestly, we can. 

Instead of just throwing offers out there. Instead of just offering the same thing over and over again until no one wants it. Instead of making up programs but only building them for the first time when the money is in the bank… what if we planned and delivered timely excellence. And in the next season offer something new? 

Such a radical yet old school idea. Don’t you think? 

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