Volume 1 Issue 12, Monthly 12

Plan and Produce


With 2018 wrapping down faster than most of us would like to admit, we look to 2019 for what the future holds. For most of us, we never accomplish everything we set out to. We may achieve a lot, but there is so much more to do. 

For us the blaise, same old same old, standard advice simply won’t cut. Write your goals down. Set aside time to schedule your week. Write out your project lists - yep, been there done that. What’s next? 

Without radical change from the executions of 2018, we are doomed to repeat ourselves. Repeat our inconsistent cash flow, repeat our poor hiring practices, repeat our same client base attraction, repeat our same marketing efforts. 

This issue is dedicated to helping you plan and produce more in 2019. To not just offer solid advice, but to offer the PhD version of empire planning and bottom line production. Because up leveling our businesses and brands is more than just a mindset shift. It is an execution up level as well.