Volume 1 Issue 12, Business 12

Perfect Words: How To Ask For Help


Let’s be honest, people hate asking other people for help. Think of it as a sign of weakness, acknowledge that we aren’t the superheroes we thought we were or the mere fact that we fear rejection more than death- asking people for help isn’t fun. But we all know that we can't go this life or business singing the totally solo song. 

Here are the 3 things you must do when asking for help when you want a genuine and happy “yes.” 

1. Know your intention. You have to know “why” you are asking just as much as what you are asking for. 

2. Be empowered and empower others. No one likes the beaten dog mentality. So yes, be humble and be honest. But own your abilities and lack thereof and let everyone else involved own their strengths too. 

3. Make it a partnership not just ask. No matter if you need a little bit of support or 100 percent help ,make sure the ask isn’t holistic and not one sided meaning that even if the other person has to do the majority of the work. Help them out in other ways so that you show that you care about them just as much as you care about what they are doing for you. 

Asking for help happens. And it is up to you whether the situation is dreadful or delightful. 

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