Style 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

Overcoming “The Snake In The Can” Illusion

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We have all been there. We decide we are going to organize our closet or office and a little less than half way through the process we think, “Dear Lord, what did I get myself into?!?” Items are everywhere and it feels like the stuffed snakes popped out of the can. And you secretly wonder, “Can I just put it all back and walk away?” 

When we are looking to plan for a better life, business, space, whatever it is - many times in this moment of organization what was supposed to be the art of simplifi-cation seems like we have multiplied everything not simplified and refined our lives. 


The Snake In The Can Illusion is when you feel like you are rowing in the opposite direction of your intention. It is the storm before the organizational clarity, and it truly makes you doubt what in the world you were thinking. 

But as named, it is an illusion. Like many illusions it is made to doubt and question yourself. Question how bad ly do you really want this and how badly are you willing to see this through. 

And when it comes to taking control of your space, files, and life - aka organizing- this illusion is critical to overcome because it holds a far deeper and reach impact than just organizing your space. It is a mental reflection of if you can truly achieve, be, and succeed at who you say you are. 

So don’t let your space dictate yourself. 

Follow these simple steps to your organizational success. 

1. TIME. Be spacious with your time meaning give yourself lots of it to achieve your task. 

2. PREP. Consider how you want the space organized in the end and have materials on hand to do so. Also don’t forget the general things like trash bags, label makers, and cleaning supplies. 

3. DIVIDE TO ORGANIZE. Yes, you have to spread it all out and divide the items into groups. 

4. CLEAN AS YOU GO. Nothing is worse than organizing dirt. So clean as you go. 

5. MAKE IT PRETTY. Organization isn’t just about organizing. In the end, it should be a beautiful expression. So yes, choose items that make you smile.