You 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

How To Make Quantum Leaps When You Feel Like Giving Up


Someday, for we super-ambitious badass-preneurs, it’ll be showdown time, folks. 

You know that time, when we are faced with the fact that we must up-level business and life or roll over into the couch resign our-selves to ‘mediocrititus’. Sometime we’ll be faced with the decision: go big or go home. 

At that moment, we find ourselves at a cross-roads; there are two choices - take the usual street home, the one marked My Small Old Life, and carry on with our lives regardless or make a decision and a commitment to change by turning your nose down the road, that is marked My Big New Life. 

At this point, there is an opportunity to wield your powers of awareness and awesome-ness: 



We all have these powers and they all hold key wisdom to helping us get over doubts, fears, procrastination and staying invisible. 

So use these powers as a reality check, to get you back in the badass saddle, fierce with motivation and drive. 

1. Choice 

Reality check : you are a creature of free will. You are always choosing. Whatever you are focused on you are choosing. If you don’t like what you’ve got, you can choose again. 

Life is not outside you, Life is inside you. Life IS you. And so is your business. 

Owning responsibility that you can, at all mo-ments, decide whether you’re an icon-in-the-making, or just another wannabe, makes your choices vital. 

We are either powerful creators, or we’re not. 

We choose all of it. Success or not success. 

A harsh but empowering reality check that will have you deliberate about making choices that are equal to you playing at your highest level. 


2. Change 

Reality check: Change is uncomfortable – that old reptilian brain, the unconscious will fight tooth and nail to keep you in the bondage of staying at the same level. 

Firstly there is ego, the sense of self that needs to defend itself to the death! Separate, alone, fearful, your ego will struggle with going big. It’ll convince you that playing small is gentler and safer. 

Then there are OTHERS and their opinions and how much you listen to them their ex-pectations and projections. You will receive criticism or judgment. 

There is nothing else in the world but con-stant change and shift. It is the natural order of the universe to keep changing so embrace change. 

Become a chameleon taking on the colours of whatever amazing landscape you grace, able to change and adapt or become a snake, growing out of your old skin of old habits and beliefs that kept you short of your brilliance and beauty. 

Tomorrow will never be the same as today and thank God, otherwise you’re living in ‘Groundhog Day’. 



Reality check: When the going gets tough, you are no longer in the vicinity because you’ve outrun your old race. 

Commitment equals strong intentions and mighty implementation habits. 

Commitment is the real quantum leap. It’s not trying, it’s persevering. It’s not hesitating or looking down. It’s the same energy as when you’re running; you don’t have time to wonder if you can put one foot in front of another at speed. You trust your body to get that damn foot forward as your body lurches forward. You believe with every cell in your body that you are going to advance, so you do. That’s commitment. 

Commitment gives a sign to the universe that you ain’t messin’. So it can deliver on time. 

That gorgeous iconic lifestyle of you playing at your highest level. 

• What would it mean to you to wake up tomorrow in that life? 

• How would you choose? 

• What would you do differently? 

• What would you be thinking and feeling and seeing? 

• What would you be smelling and touching? 

• What are you earning? 

• Who are you with? 

• Build yourself a complete sensual vision of your ideal iconic life – take some time and colour in the details in your head. 

• Where are you? 

• What do you hear? 

• Who is with you? 

• Why, O why does it feel soooo amazing? 

Take some time to give full reign to your imagination and dive into the scene. Embody that scene, all the sensations and emotions, embody it for a few moments. Enjoy it. 

Now take up your journal and write. Choices, Change, Commitment. Write down 9 things under each heading that you will begin implementing today. 

Different choices that equate with your up-levelled self. New changes that will have you feeling like a superstar. Renewed commitments to living your best life as your best you. You have the power. We will adore seeing you rise.