Volume 1 Issue 12, Business 12

How To Build A Profitable Brand


Let’s be real. 

We all secretly hope for one of those fairytale brands. 

You know them. The ones that go from unknown to the coach of Oprah. The ones that make millions of dollars as their founder sleeps. The ones that always have the perfect product offer for their market. The ones in which the audience will do anything, pay any-thing, to get anything - aka you can sell your old packaging on ebay. (Yep, that’s a thing. Look it up.) 

And these brands give us hope that our brand can be this mythical unicorn of perfection too. 

But for us, we don’t experience the fairytale stardom, or the millions as we sleep, or the do anything, even our trash has value approach. 

Yes, profitable brands rarely happen by accident. You must take conscious effort to make continuous cash. 

What does that mean? What does that look like? 

Well, it is easier than you think. Be-cause like everything the planning is the easy part. 

Now I am sure you know the basics. So let’s jump into a few areas that most people skip. 

1. 7 INDEPENDENT STREAMS OF IN-COME. Yep, 7 independent streams of income is what your brand will ideally need to stay thriving no matter what. Now, this does not mean that you need to launch 7 income models at once. What it does mean is that your brand’s strategy overall should have 7 independent income models at some point during its life. 

2. THE COST OF CLIENT NURTURE. Nurturing your client relationship takes time and money. Many brands underestimate the cost of both. Your clients can be your greatest asset or they can be just numbers on a spread-sheet. Make sure to show your clients love and they will show you love back. 

3. OFFER EVOLUTION. You need to evolve your offers often. Now this isn’t necessarily about creating new prod-ucts or services. This is about updat-ing your approach, language, visuals, etc every 4-6 months so that your brand and offer stay relevant to your audience. 

The truth is to build a profitable brand you must think and act on both the short and long term game at the same time. And yes, it does cost money and time to create the money and time you are looking for in your personal life. So plan with purpose, produce with pas-sion, and prepare for profit.

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