Style 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

7 Ways To Uplevel Your Space


There is a reason why one of the first reality tv shows of the ‘80s was Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous. We love seeing how and where people live. Our spaces and our environments influence our re-lationships, productivity, and success. And with our ongoing love of all things HGTV, our obsessions with up leveling our businesses aren’t going any-where. 

Now, when we hear the idea of “up leveling our space” it seems costly right? 


The truth is that up leveling your space doesn’t re-quire costly or timely projects. Here are 7 ways to up level any space you love. 

1. Switch the function. Who says the dining room must be the dining room? Only you. Switching the function or use of the room will increase your creativity and fun in your space. 

2. Change direction. If you can’t switch the function of the room then change the directions of which you do everything. 

3. Add the pretty. Yes, it is ok that you like pretty things whatever that looks like for you. Add the pretty. 

4. Make functional fun. Every room has a cer-tain level of functionality so make sure that whatever that is for your space from file folders to storage bins makes you smile. 

5. Change the walls. From paint to the paint-ing on the wall, switching the items on your wall will create a rejuvenated space fast. 

6. Increase the light. Want to make your space feel new and fresh? Just increase the light. It really is that simple. 

7. Add the texture. Texture and layers excite the primal side of our brains. So add the texture to create the interest. 

The environments you move in are more than just spaces. They are areas of creation, inspiration, empowerment, and productivi-ty. Soulfire® Design is all about optimizing efficiency for how you uniquely work best on biological, psychological and funda-mental levels. It blends beauty with efficiency and organization with optimization. So stop surviving and start SoulFire® Living (