You 12, Volume 1 Issue 12

7 Ways To Have The Perfect Business Trip


Traveling for business is the envy of many. Yet try it for a little bit and most people burn out because business trips aren’t a vacation and it isn’t a regular work day either. Here are 8 tips to love your business trips from seasoned road (or sky) warriors that will have you loving the road week after week. 

1. Go where you love. Choose the cities, hotels, and transportation brands that you love. 

2. Be loyal. Loyalty programs add up so enroll in the programs of the places you love and stay loyal. 

3. Find the consistencies. Having little consistencies like your fa-vorite coffee or bath soap. 

4. Factor in the flex. Being on the road means that the unforeseen can happen more than normal. Allow for extra time and creative problem solving. 

5. Keep your routine. Make sure that your morning and evening rou-tines stay the same when you are home or on the road. 

6. Duffels and backpacks always. Forget the rollerboard and cute business totes. A duffle bag and backpack will be able to hold more and always fit in the overhead bin space. 

7. Go for the bulkheads and emergency exists. Space is crucial when you travel. When flying always choose the bulkhead or emer-gency row exits for a little extra legroom. 

Plan for an adventure. Traveling is fun because of the unknown. Make sure to factor in a bit of fun whatever that looks like for you. 

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