Volume 1 Issue 12, Branding 12

5 Ways To Go From Idea To Done


Entrepreneurs can be the creative versions of energizer bunnies. With ide-as popping everywhere it can be a challenge to go from idea to actually fully seeing a project done while still managing the rest of your existing brand. 

Here are a few Do’s and Don'ts when it comes to launching a new idea. 

1. Do be clear about the purpose. Ideas are great, but ideas that don’t lead to your greater good - aka your red thread. Make sure that your idea ignites your purpose on a new level. 

2. Don’t cut corners. When resources like time and money are low, we tend to cut corners just to “get the job done.” Don’t force an idea into fruition at the cost of quality. 

3. Do fully deliver. You know the level of brand experience you create. Make sure you always uplevel on this. 

4. Don’t launch and leave. Once the idea is birthed, you have a baby within your brand family. So you can’t just create and leave it. Just like with any aspect of your brand, you have to nurture it. 

5. Do fall in love fully. Your idea will only be successful and in turn worth the time and energy as long as you fully love it. So yes, fall in love fully with the idea and what it means to your brands and your brand relationships.