Welcome to the inaugural issue of EmpiHer™ Magazine. I’m so happy you are here.

EmpiHer™ is a digital and print magazine that came about because of my clients and mine personal needs. You see my clients and I are making bank, just not millions (yet.) And though there are tons of “experts” out there, as we well know, many of them are fakers. What they say may sound good, but it is far from how the real world is.

Well with almost 20 years under my belt of working with amazing, true industry experts from around the world- I know the good ones when I see them. You know, the expert who actually is a craftsperson of their field, not just a fly by the moment, Google “expert.” And it is these true experts that I have assembled here for you.

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Our goal is to give you real world, industry leading advice from our fields so that you can lead your business or businesses smartly. We aren’t DIY pushers. We aren’t about gimmicks, fads, or trends. We are about what really works.

We are dedicated to building your business, growing your reach, and giving you the tools and knowledge to guide your brand to success.

We are excited to be on this journey. We are excited to have you with us. And as you will see, we cut to the chase and we want to help you overcome your specific business issue. So reach out to us and let this be the start of a beautiful brandship.

Now a little bit about this month’s issue.

With the new year upon us, I didn’t want to do the played out “New Year. New You.” theme. The truth is few of need a completely new version of us. We need tweaks, course corrects, and growth.

So this issue is all about Prep and Progress.

How to prep all of areas of your business for massive success in 2018 as well as give you easy, little options that create huge progress fast.

Much Love!

Ali Craig